Social Media is making our musicians lazy – VVIP

Zeal and Prodigal of hiplife group VVIP have indicated that due to the use of Social media Ghanaian Musicians have become lazy.

The reigning music group in an interview with DJ Advicer host of Ayekoo after drive show on Happy98.9FM said ”for now we will blame the internet because anybody can be a musician, anybody can just get up to do music.

“Before it was talent and to put your music out there, it needs to have an impact to the public where if somebody is to invest in you he/she will get profit. But now if you play music and put it on the internet and by mistake it catches the publics attention then you automatically become a musician but before, it wasn’t like that you need to play your songs at parties, go to National Theatre, Conference Center, and underground shows for people to see you perform well.”

They continued saying that” At our time, we used to send CD’s to Tamale just for people to hear our songs but for now due to social media, our musicians have become very lazy, making the kind of system we are in now very easy but it has become a problem because investors now concentrating on the number of follows instead of good talent.”

‘‘There are talented musicians but instead of they looking for them they will check on social media and it’s making we the musicians lazy to survive,” they added