Majid ‘insults’ media; says they don’t know their job

Majid ‘insults’ media; says they don’t know their job

Award-winning actor Majid Michel has angrily lashed out at the media saying they don’t know and understand their job well as journalists.

Speaking at the 2017 launch of the Actors, Presenters, Professionals and Musicians for Christ (APPMC) at the Airport View Hotel in Accra on Wednesday, October 18, the actor turned pastor said he has always had a problem with the media because they don’t know what they stand for in the country.

According to him, all the media cares about is to get sensational headlines that would rather draw traffic to their sites than to project what he defines as the ‘truth’ to its readers, viewers or listeners.

He indicated, “I’ve always had a problem with the media because the media don’t understand their job; they don’t understand why they are the media, they don’t understand their potential as a media, their power to hold the nation. The media is a backbone; the media is the soul of the country”.

Moreover, he insinuated that most journalists do not even know the definition of media, thinking it is a singular word.

“Stop smiling and looking at me funny, why are you looking at me funny? Some of you don’t even understand the word media. Media is a plural word. One is medium, media is plural”.

He reiterated that because the media lacks objectivity in its reportage, it is difficult for the nation to progress and until they get their jobs right, then there will be no change.

“What is truth? Original information. If this original information does not get to the object as it was told, then the truth has been altered….That is your job, how are you telling the truth, sensationalism!…..Until your minds have changed, your community can’t change neither can your nation change……. Get your jobs right”, he said.