It’s not easy to be a married man – Musician

It's not easy to be a married man - Musician

Renowned gospel artiste, Robert Boham Beechem popularly known as Paa Joe Beechem has revealed the challenges associated with being a married man.

In an interview on Hello FM, he disclosed the he got married at the age of 27 years and has been married for the past 16 years.

“I started music in the year 1998, it has been very tough, ever since I started gospel music, life hasn’t been the same, and it constitutes happiness, disappointments and so many more”.

“Combining Ministry and music with family only takes the grace of God to steer and manage it. You should know how to plan and strategize on how to take up all the three in order not to offend one side. Family comes before anything else,” he added.

“If the family has problems the church can never rise. It’s never easy to be a married man, you might be deceived into sleeping outside your matrimonial bed and know you will definitely come back to your wife. The family or a home should be peaceful and united in order for your members to have a good and honorable path to follow. Pastors sometimes go wayward and it’s up to the pastor to know whether his actions serves him right”.

Pastor Beecham noted that due to his ministry, he gets the opportunity to move from one place to the other, cities to cities and when night falls and he has to rest, he’s sometimes traumatized by the spirits present in hotel rooms and lodges, because one wouldn’t know the previous encounters in the room before its current guest or user.

Many of these rooms have bad omen and it only takes the grace and mercies of God, he noted.

“The ministry and music brings a lot of stress and it gives an old age look due to the work. Being a gospel musician means the life and character you live should be in conformity with the bible and its teachings”, he said.

He further went on saying, “no matter the genre of music you play, it only takes the grace of God to see another day because you get to meet different people, different characters and you will have a whole lot of encounters on your path, not all human beings have good spirits”.

“As a pastor and a man of God, you will need to acquire the knowledge and wisdom of God to intervene in your daily endeavors”.

“I was the first artist to be honoured the discovery award of the year which is now the New artiste of the year in the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA), which is a bigger blessing, It’s a blessing to be honoured with awards which shows the hard and good work you institute in your music,” he said.