‘I’m not a bad girl; I fast twice a week’ – Mzbel

‘I’m not a bad girl; I fast twice a week’ - Mzbel

Attention seeking Ghanaian songstress, Nana Akua Amoah, aka Mzbel says contrary to what Ghanaians think, she is not a bad girl. Speaking on TV3 last Friday, Mzbel disclosed that she fasts twice a week for health reasons. “I swim and play tennis and I fast twice a week. And it is for health reasons. It is not fun. I only drink water; I don’t eat during those times.”

She also said in the interview that she was not proud of many of her actions in the past. “When people hear the name Mzbel, they expect to see like some bad girl character; showing some skin, wrestlers, acting crazy, you know but with age things change and I expect people will grow with me like that. They don’t wanna accept it but I think with time they will have to because I have grown and I have changed. I am a mother now and I am more matured now,” She stated.

The ’16-years’ hitmaker stirred controversy when she stated that Judaism is more sensible than Christianity. “Judaism makes more sense to me. So, that is basically it. I have been Hari Krishna before, and then I moved to Christianity and now I am at Judaism, who knows where I will be tomorrow…?