I was part of the successes chalked by Metro TV – Maame Dokono

Veteran actress Grace Omaboe, popularly known as Maame Dokono, has expressed discontent over decision to scrape off her popular ‘Odo Ne Asomdwee’ (Peace and Love) show by management of Accra based Metro Television due to issues she was confronted with regarding her political affiliation to the New Patriotic Party.

The radio and television personality said many of the concocted stories about her orphanage were instigated against her to end her political ambition.

Maame Dokono recounted how it affected her radio and television brand to the extent that her most watched show on Metro TV, was finally taken off.

According to her, management failed to investigate the matter competently before scrapping off her show.

She said, her many years stay with Metro TV made the station so popular and needed to be applauded for her consistency and sustainability.

The ‘Odo Ne Asomdwe’ show which aired on Metro TV mostly discussed social issues affecting society.

“I went off screen because the TV station which aired my ‘Odo Ne Asomdwe’ came to a conclusion that due to the fabricated sodomising stories about my orphanage home, they called it quit.

“I never had any problem with Metro TV and I was part of those who made the station popular. I actually can’t fathom why they did this to my show though their CEO is my friend and he knew all these,” Maame Dokono told Delay.
Asked why she didn’t contact Talal Fattal, CEO of Metro TV, Maame Dokono replied, “The thing is, many people are of the view that I’m too proud but the truth is I respect myself a lot, apart from God I wouldn’t go on my knees to beg for something from anyone. At that time I was then a hot cake that if should go to a different Tv station, they will be ready to give me a higher pay so why should you, Metro TV dwell on a fabricated story to take off my programme from your channel?”

She said though she wept about her programme being taken off screen and felt part of her had been taken away from her, she told herself never to ponder of over the issue.

“I’m a christian so I don’t hold any grudge against Metro TV. If Metro TV should call me back to host the show again, I won’t go but if another station should employed me I will.”
The veteran actress who featured the popular Akan Drama series ‘Obra’ revealed that when her ‘Obra’ Spot located at Circle, Accra was demolished to pave way for the construction of the Dubai interchange, she was not given any compensation under the erstwhile John Dramani Mahama’s government.

According to her, she has begun processing her document for payment to be done.