GMB2017: Judges knockout Adom to save Edem

Many are those who have given up on her for the arguably poor performances over the weeks, but judges of Ghana’s Most Beautiful on Sunday gave Edem a push to the next level of the competition.

For some audience, on the night that Edem, who is representing the Volta Region, performed below par, she was highly tipped to be the one to exit the competition when for the second time in two weeks, she came up for eviction together with Adom from the Brong Ahafo Region.

Edem performed as a good samaritan

Regardless, the sledgehammer of judge Oscar fell on Adom, whose skit as a front desk officer at a hotel offering good customer service, was above Edem’s ‘Good Samaritan’ skit, which judge Oscar himself described as “not a good performance”.

Adom played the role of a front desk officer at a hotel

Edem’s act itself was somewhat okay but she missed some lines in her delivery; something that dimmed the light on her performance for the night.

But with the judges wielding 60 per cent of the voting power as against the public’s 40 per cent, Judge Oscar had the discretion at the dire minute to save Edem when it was agreed that one of the six remaining contestants be evicted.

And that was the end of the road to the crown for Adom after 11 weeks in the competition, which is the most watched television reality show in the country. At least, Adom had a consolation for the night as she was adjudged the Most
Disciplined contestant for the week.

One of the remaining five contestants – Baaba [Central Region], Serwaa [Eastern Region], Zeinab [Northern Region], Nana [Western Region] and Edem [Volta Region] – is expected to be evicted next Sunday to shift the competition into third gear.

Each of the contestants on the night enacted a skit to underscore the need for Ghanaians to be hospitable in our homes, buses, on the streets and in hotels and among other places.

The star performer award and most eloquent contestant award went to Nana.