Ghanaian programmes that dominated TV screens and got all the attention in the past

Ghanaian programmes that dominated TV screens and got all the attention in the past

The Television landscape in Ghana has been graced with many TV shows in the past that got Ghanaians glued to their TV screens to catch the next episode to see how the story unfolded itself.

Some of the TV shows were aired once a week so the anticipation and anxiety for the next viewing was always at an all-time high.

Ghana some of the program were recorded in local language, preferably Twi, which is arguably a predominant local language in Ghana.

Nowadays, foreign telenovelas have taken over the television landscape and has relegated most local content to the background.

Today, brings you some of the Ghanaian TV shows from the past that captivated Ghanaians before the influx of foreign telenovelas and TV shows

1. Things We Do For Love

The series was centered on adolescent life and then challenges that come with it. It depicted the typical community life of the Ghanaian and was a model for relationships and how to manage peer pressure.

Some of the popular characters in the series were Jackie Appiah and Adjetey Annan who was known in the series as the vagabond “Pusher”.

The current TV series, YOLO is believed to be the remake of the hit TV series which was suitable for the whole family and had a lot of lessons to teach.

2. Inspector Bediako

The TV series was full of action and suspense which was centered around the life of an incorruptible police officer who was bent on fighting crime and bringing criminals to justice.

It was so popular that many people started mimicking the life of the main character, Oscar Provencal. The series did not have a dull moment since the law (Inspector Bediako) and its perpetrators (Criminals) were always at each other’s throat.

3. Key Soap Concert Party

The live comedy show was one of the most viewed in the country. It saw the rise of many veteran comedians including Bob Okala and Nkomode.

The TV show had two sections with the comedy featuring comedians preceding the show to be followed by a short drama which was full of humor and moral lessons.

The highlight of this live show was a competition to find the best comedian in Ghana dubbed, “Who is Who?” The competition run for a number of years and many comedians were adjudged “The Champions of Comedy”. The show was one for the whole family.

4. Taxi Driver

The TV series was centered on the life of an ordinary taxi driver who had extraordinary conversations and expeditions with his passengers while trying not to get on the bad side of his boss (Master Richard) by making sales.

The driver (Psalm Adjeteyfio) was always being threatened by his boss who was known as a professional braggart anytime he visited the house. The highlight of the TV sitcom was how the driver always signed off at the end of each episode with “see ya” (See you).

5. By the Fire Side

The Children’s strorytelling show was based on the life and escapades of the folklore character, “Kwaku Ananse”. The spider was noted for his amazing mischief and sly character. The story was hosted by veteran actress Grace Omaboe and was assisted by Uncle Rokoto. The two elders told stories about the legendary Ananse and his cunning ways and how he used wisdom to outsmart other characters.

6. Agoro

Agoro was a very popular quiz program which saw contestants go head to head to show who was smartest in Ghanaian culture.

The competition was hosted by veteran actor David Dontoh and winners walked away from the show with prices worth thousands of Ghana cedis.

Many Ghanaians practiced their knowledge of Ghanaian proverbs by attempting to answer some of the questions that were being asked.

7. Cantata

The local drama series took over the airwaves and was aired on Sundays. It got many people finishing their chores on time to be able to watch the drama series which was produced in Twi.

The highlight of the show was how the actors incorporated music into the stories and sang their renditions of some popular Ghanaian songs to teach moral lessons. Some of the popular characters in the drama included Abrobe and Mama Zimbi.

8. Local Drama

The local drama had come to be generally called “Akan Drama” since Twi was one of the dominating languages. The local drama was aired in different languages and starred actors from different dram groups. The TV show caught the attention of all and sundry since the local language was easy to understand.

9. Kye kye kule

The popular kids’ program was a joy to watch because it educated as well as informed and entertained children.

Many kids were fascinated by the English prowess of the show’s host, Uncle George.