Ghanaian musicians who lost their shine after going solo

Ghana music industry has and continues to witness some great talents and powerful artistes, churning out banging hit songs year upon year.

Some of these talents emerge through music groups form in high school. They succeed in grooming their talents to emerge as what we refer to as music groups.

Over the years, Ghana has seen many music groups who have crashed out along the line, while others have also maintained their career focus and are still ‘ruling’ the industry.

What is quite evident is that anytime a music group splits, it tends out to be a good adventure for some members, who are able to realise their dream of going solo.

This poses real challenge as well as opportunities for the artistes as they stand alone to put their stuff together.

At this point, one can easily identify the real talent, as the musicians are separated from the ‘noise makers’.

This week, takes a look at Ghanaian musicians who have lost their shine over the years after going on solo.

1. Okyeame Quophi (Akyeame) – The group was the real deal back in the days when you talk of rap music. However, the group crashed out along the way but Okyeame Kwame is doing great today while Quophi has switched career for some reasons.

2. Promzy (VIP) – The group came out strongly but had terrible issues somewhere in the middle of the journey. Today, Promzy is missing in action but Zeal and Lazzy are stronger together with Reggie Rockstone.

3. Praye Tenten (Praye) – The Praye group started very well but also fizzled out due to some troubles. Choirmaster and Cartel Big J are on their feet while Praye Tenten is completely lost.

4. Irene Logan (Irene & Jane) – The two young ladies made a fantastic entry into the music industry. They won many hearts with their style but seriously suffered some internal friction and sadly fell apart. Since then, Jane Awindor now known as Efya has concurred all, while Irene Logan is still limping.

5. Enwai (Double) – The Double group were making a name upon its arrival but were hit by ‘tsunami’. Since their ‘divorce’ Paa Kwesi is coming up strongly on his solo journey but Enwai is yet to present his ‘autopsy’ report to his fans.

6. Kobby Wuta (Wuta) – The duo had their names in the big shows in the past. But for some strange reasons they ended their ‘marriage’ and went on solo for eight years. Kobby was not doing well but Afriyie was on top of his game. However the duo has dropped a banging song to announce their comeback this year.

7. Five-Five – The pop fusion duo also registered their names in the music industry with some beautiful tunes. However, the Adabraka-based duo made up of Luther Azamati (Papi) and Jeffery Opoku Agyekum (Killy) couldn’t stand the test of time. The two have evaporated into thin air without any notice to their fans.