Efya lists her top 4 GH musicians

Efya lists her top 4 GH musicians

As part of YFM Boss Lady Club initiative, the bosslady Efya passed by the studio on Trigmatics Myd-morning radio show.

Efya spoke about what she’s been up to ever since the release of her “Until The Dawn” single, explaining that, its her goal to spread her music globally to expand her fanbase and ultimately put Ghana music on the map.

She mentioned an upcoming EP which should be out either this year or next year.

Asked of who blows her mind currently in the Ghanaian music landscape, she made it known she’s proud of the new talents sprouting up in the industry. She specifically mentioned Ayat, cina soul, la Meme Gang, kwesi Arthur and Brian. Edem, Sark, Kwaw Kese, and Becca also she mentioned were her favourites.

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