Why can’t people mind their business – Lady Jay queries

Why can’t people mind their business - Lady Jay queries

Ghanaian Neo-Soul singer, Lady Jay has described as ‘mediocre issues’ allegations that she must be under the influence of certain substances which enable her perform the way she does whenever she mounts the stage.

Her energy on stage, her vocals and the way she takes charge of the band she performs with is always on a very high level and this has been attributed to the enhancement of substances such as weed and alcohol.

But the Who Do You Love singer, says she does not need any anything to perform and that people should mind their business instead of meddling in hers.

“ I have better things to bother my head about. In fact, I am thinking of how to make good music which will make Ghana and the world a better place. That is the most important thing to me,” the Venus singer said in an interview with Showbiz.

According to her, her exposure to the world has taught her not to give attention to such mediocre issues when they crop up.

“I honestly don’t care what people say or think about me. In fact, why do they want to know if I do weed or not? It is none of their business. These are mediocre issues that one should not waste time and energy on.

“People should learn to mind their business. I am 27 years old and not a little girl. At the end of the day, it is the people who are around me that matter; they are those that keep me alive. For the rest, their opinion doesn’t matter.

“However, for those who care to know, I do not even drink now. I used to drink but I stopped taking alcohol about five years ago. That was around the time I came on the music scene. I used to drink whenever I go out but it got to a time that I always felt sick and even threw up sometimes.

“The feeling was something I didn’t want to experience anymore so I stopped drinking. All I do now is fruit juice and I am good to go.

“ So I do not get it when people think I have to be high on something to perform. I don’t need anything. I must admit I get nervous when I get on stage but once I see someone I know in the crowd, I am good to go and that is just that. I don’t need any substance”, the Oh My My My singer added.

Talking about her music, she said, Ghanaians are yet to accept her style. “The Ghanaian market is yet to get my kind of music. That is the reason I am not out there like I should be but the thing is that my music is for the world.”

Lady Jay’s music is a combination of Neo soul, Afrobeat, Hip-life, Reggae, Highlife and Pop. She has been featured on several tracks that have been released in Ghana, and Nigeria, including a highly praised guest appearance on the single “X-Ray” with accomplished wordsmith, “Mutumbo the poet” as well as working with highly acclaimed Nigerian jazz/Afrobeat pianist Funsho Ogundipe, and fronting his internationally lauded group, Ayetoro.