Was Delay using Joyce Blessing to get to Tonardo?

Was Delay using Joyce Blessing to get to Tonardo?

There is a Ghanaian adage that literally translates to English as “if you want to talk to God, speak through the wind” but there is this other one which until recently was my favorite; “If you see two people engaged in a brawl, don’t ask what it is. Rather, ask what happened the last time”.

Whatever is happening between Deloris Frimpong Manso and Joyce Blessing can be likened to the former. Please don’t ask why I used the other proverb. You should get the link by now, or probably later.


Last week, Joyce Blessing faced a lot of criticism after Delay interviewed her on her show, the Delay Show. Why? Everyone thought she was either being impudent or her posture on the show was rather full of arrogance, probably pride and ungratefulness all mixed together.

Others thought she wasn’t appreciative of the things her former manager, Kwasi Ernest of Media Excel, did for her. And so she was consumed on daily basis on various media platforms.

She was taken three times daily on numerous blogs and news portals just because she didn’t give in to Delay’s bullying. Yes, bullying. At least that’s how I saw it. But she didn’t give in! Don’t get me wrong because I love Delay’s interviews more than you probably do. I watch them over and over when there’s no good thing to watch on YouTube.

People wrote long essays and thesis on other portals just to make Joyce Blessing feel like a bloody ingrate. And it went down well with many people who probably didn’t pay attention to Delay’s ulterior motive.

The Ulterior Motive

Now here’s the thing. Delay might not have necessarily responded to Nana Tonardo over the recent feud they had but I think she was using Joyce Blessing’s interview as an attack on Nana Tonardo because she thinks she (Joyce Blessing) has also been ungrateful to her former manager.

Now to those of you who don’t know what happened between Delay and Tonardo, this is it. Delay is said to have said she picks people who are nobody and makes them somebody. This her statement flamed up her ‘Star Wars ‘with Nana Tornado

Reacting to the statement Tornado said “when I actually saw this thing on the net, I sent Deloris a message and I quote “point of correction, you didn’t pick me from nowhere, please tell Ghanaians the truth and never compare me to Korkor” … no … nothing came” detailing that Delay read his message but never replied

Speaking on an Accra-based radio, Radio XYZ, Nana Tornado said he is no longer interested in having anything to do with Delay again because he was disappointed in the latter. Mentioning his real name as Emil Wood, he said Former Chief Justice Georgina Wood is her Aunty and stated: “that is the more reason why I feel hurt to hear that someone like me has been picked from the slums”.

According to Nana Tornado, he is starting his own production soon for no one to bluff him because he hasn’t even gotten anything from what he was doing the past 6 years.

After this, Delay, like she always does, did not comment on any platform about the issue and so when it was time for her to come on TV, she thought that was a very fine opportunity to bring another ingrate on her show so that the world will see the deeds of people who have either been picked from the slums or from single room self-contains to a different level.

What we have all refused to see is the fact that Joyce Blessing was just answering questions she had been asked. So tell me, was she not supposed to say that she also put in her efforts to make her succeed? If we all thought it was right for her to applaud her manager, then let us give the lady some space to also say what she did to make her the artiste we all see today. If we do some good to others, should we expect them to spend the rest of their lives lying prostate anytime they saw us? That’s a question we all have to answer.

I’m very sure people who wrote long essays to lambast her will now revisit their post especially after she has come out with revelations on what happened behind the scenes. To not bore you with long talks, I think Delay did the honorable thing by not responding to Nana Tonardo initially but if this is how she would respond, I think it was better she didn’t.