VIDEO Yvonne Okoro Reveals Why She Went To Law School

VIDEO Yvonne Okoro Reveals Why She Went To Law School

Actress Yvonne Okoro has disclosed that she is back to school, studying law.

Speaking on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review”, Yvonne has confirmed that she is currently studying law at the Mountcrest University College in Kanda, Accra and she revealed why she decided to study law.

“I wanted to know my rights well, I wanted to understand some of the things that are available to me and doing this law so far, I have learnt so much and I also wanted to challenge myself because I always believe that there should be a plan B, C, D as a human being and where you come from. The A was to act and to be a producer and now that there are a few issues in the movie industry, I must go to plan B and plan B is to go back to school and then do law”.

She also added that she also decided to study law to change the misconception that people in show business or entertainers are not smart and intelligent people.

The “Ghana Must Go” actress advised those who are interested in doing law to concentrate fully on their studies, after they gain admission into the law school and not allow other things to distract them.

Watch the video below: