UT, Capital Banks Collapse: Fritz Baffour Condemn Mockers

UT, Capital Banks Collapse: Fritz Baffour Condemn Mockers

Former Minister for Information, Fritz Baffour, has criticized individuals who delighted and mocked owners of the defunct UT Bank and Capital Bank.

“Hello folks, I am always amazed at how a lot of Ghanaians are readily inclined to gloat at the misfortunes of others,” he said on Tuesday, August 15.

His comments follow the purchase of the two banks by GCB Bank due to financial difficulties. Following the action by GCB Bank to acquire the non-performing banks, some individuals have taken to social media to post memes to make fun of Mr Prince Kofi Amoabeng, the Founder of UT Bank, as well as Dr Mensa Otabil, the General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), who is reported to have shares in the Capital Bank.

The former Member of Parliament (MP) believes it is shameful for Ghanaians to rejoice in the downfall of their own people and condemned individuals involved in the act.

“The collapse of two commercial banks should not be an occasion for wicked humour, jibes and hateful mirth,” he indicated.

For him, authorities must probe the circumstances that led to the collapse and “the lessons therein and take a cue for the future and our nation’s progress and advancement.”

“I have always maintained that Ghana is a nation in its infancy, so its denizens have a long way to go to get our act together as a well-functioning society. It is a difficult and hard slog. Many mistakes will be made, lives will even be lost, but we must be in the position to rebound and recover from failure and error. We can only achieve success if we are circumspect, compassionate, discerning, courageous, fair-minded, resolute in integrity, objective and positive,” he added.