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The Suffering Of a Suffering Brand – Tebby-Hanson Thomas

The Suffering Of a Suffering Brand -  Tebby-Hanson Thomas

Real talent is essential in every art. Whether it being sports or music. But almost always, they’ve not been all that’s needed to become successful or achieve the ultimate whatever it may be in our eyes. And when artistes miss out on the other essential factors, the goal either dims, or stretch farther away from accomplishment. That has been the case with one of the best talents we have in our rap game who seems not to be getting there. And it is so because the other essential elements are lacking.

Though this piece is more about that talent, it’s something important to share with everyone who has a talent he or she wants to explode with or has the other essential elements and is trying to cultivate talent. Because both ways work.

The brand to be used as a case study here is Flowking Stone. Born Kwaku Nsiah Boamah, he’s one of the finest rappers we have in the Ghana rap game without a doubt. His lyrics, ladden with wordplay and other critical literary devices he emplores in his rap is hard to find looking elsewhere in the country. But he’s always not “there”. He actually brands himself as the Best Rapper Africa(B.R.A.) but speaking with friends from nearby African countries, they don’t know who he is unless you make reference to a collaboration he’s had with a known artiste before he’s noticed. That’s bad!

That is not what one with such a talent and prides himself so high be known in a territory he claims he’s best in. He has proven from his come back in 2014 that he’s burning with talent and the desire to be successful and top Ghana rap but it’s just not working. He’s already released good songs this year. Some include State of the Rappers Address, Wababiom(ft. Kwaw Kesse) and 3ny3 Lie Biaa( ft. Tena Tempo). He even won Best Hiplife song with Go Low. But what’s really the problem?

Let’s use a few paragraphs below to lay out what I’ve observed been a keen follower of this talent.

Flowking Stone relies overly on his talent and that is a fact. There’s no doubt about the talent but as I’ve stated earlier, it’s not all about talent because before you know, the world’s fastest man may be a Ghanaian or Brazilian working in a farm in some village somewhere but never realised his abilities because he never had what he needed to nature that talent. Or better still never realised he had it at all. Not Usain Bolt.

But throughout his career, he has demonstrated through his music that he believes so much in what he can do and in turn either forgets or neglects the other very essential part for accomplishing what he seeks. To every artiste who hasn’t gotten the shine yet, or one who has a little shine but it’s not content with the level of shine, it’s important you know there are many musicians who don’t have half of your talent but are higher up the ladder. Your strength can become your downfall especially in art. It’s not all about talent chale!

Chaos! Hard to pick out who and who forms his management. Flowking had Gims as one of the core guys in his management. But he’s no more in the management. And interestingly, the number of people who “claim” him have a little or no idea about how the industry works. In an interview on Pluzz FM some time ago, he stated how difficult it is for him to organise himself especially financially to do all that he does.

Essentially, every management should have at least:
1. An executive producer (which is usually the artiste himself in Ghana but shouldn’t be the case).
2. Manager(who handles appointments, studio sessions and makes valuable contributions to the music that comes out and has some control)
3. Publicist (extremely vital)

And even then, there wasn’t chaos in his camp.
Now there is. And it has affected his funbase so much especially in his city Kumasi. Every now and then people close to him will jump on social media “withdrawing” from either his management or funbase. That’s a great example of lack of management. And when I say lack of management, I don’t mean to say there isn’t one on paper. But what I mean to say is, if there is, then they are not effective. So if you are an up and coming artiste, please try to get this three. Even if not the first, at least the last two.

Probably the most important essential element. Fanbase is what makes every artiste thrive if he or she will ever thrive. Unfortunately, Flowking doesn’t have much of this. Kumasi has been “his back bone” all this year’s. But it’s important to note that there are other artistes in Kumasi or coming up from Kumasi who will definitely share that fanbase with you.

That was evident at YFM’s Area Code jams at the mall in Kumasi. It was disappointing to see how much work Flowking had to do to get fans backing him. That got me thinking and actually inspired this article. I was surprised to see Flowking on stage in his “strong hold” but love wasn’t Flowking naturally. But young artistes like King Paluta had it come naturally.

Inasmuch as numbers count, loyalty is even more important. But Flowking is not blessed much with this. Flowkingdom catches fire a lot too frequently. Though it may not be so much a fault from him, everyone should learn this important lesson in managing fans- fans are better organised when they are not organised.

He certainly has some fans elsewhere but having Sarkodie or R2Bees on a stage in Tema? No love sharing chale!

Before this gets too long and boring, let’s end “Piece 1” here and meet here next week for “Piece 2” in which I’ll be touching on other things like branding, type of songs and others.

Source : www.Showbiz.com.gh

By : Tebby-Hanson Thomas


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