Series can improve the standard of the movie industry – Adjetey Annang

Series can improve the standard of the movie industry – Adjetey Annang

Over a period now, movie series have taken over the Ghanaian television channels and internet. With different storylines, direction and mindset, series making seem to be one avenue that unearths talents in the movie industry even though people believe such movies are nuisance to our television channels.

Delving into this, popular Ghallywood actor and film lecturer, Micheal Adjetey Annang, known by many as ‘Pusher’ has revealed to Flex newspaper that, it is a good step for the Ghanaian movie producers and director’s to have come out from their comfort zones by diverting their knowledge to series making which he believes will help the growth of the movie industry.

The popular actor disclosed that, we are in a technological era and it is only better for us to follow suit if the improvement of the industry is at heart and making of the series is one sure way to market ourselves as a movie making country but in a positive way which will bring us good image and money into the industry and to create more avenues and opportunities for others.

” Movie series helps individuals to showcase their acting talent and also gives them more confident to work hard as an actress or an actor, I believe it is time the well known actors and actresses give some sort of motivation to these up and coming ones by getting themselves involved in these movie series to keep the industry running because, the current standard of our movies is falling and needs a boost from these series,” he stated.

Obviously, they are many challenges facing the progress of the movie industry and it is on this that the ace actor advised movie producers and directors to focus on good production with good storyline in order to get more patronage. The popular actor again urged movie producers and directors to use good equipment which will enhance good visuals, sound and lighting to bring out the skills and talent of the actors and actress.

When asked how to overcome the economic challenges in the movie industry, Micheal Adjetey Annang explained that, it is normal for every organization to face challenges. What is important is how one solves such challenges or problems; “We need to fasten our belts well to come out with good storyline, doing this will reduce huge production cost. Again, we should avoid the use of too many expensive cars and houses which isn’t new to the outside world but rather a storyline that tells the authentic African story,” he said.

“A movie can involve only four characters but with good storyline and a well standard quality, the movie can sell well and bring back money to the producer. I believe it is time for producers to check on that aspect and save money for other purposes in the movie industry,” he added.

The actor asked Ghanaians not to put blames on anybody for the fall of the movie industry but rather take responsibility themselves.

“ The government and corporate bodies are not paying much attention to the industry because we don’t look serious with our activities for them to invest huge sums of money into the industry which will go wasted and i think it is time for each and everyone to do his or her best to prove them wrong because we can make or break this industry,” he stated.