Restore music to school curriculum – Wutah appeals

Restore music to school curriculum - Wutah appeals

Music duo Wutah has appealed to the education authorities to restore music into students’ curriculum.

They think if this is achieved, the country would derive better musicians who appreciate the theoretical aspect of music.

“We appeal to the Education Minister to make music part of the students’ lives at a tender age to unearth talent and hone the skills of those who are interested in pursuing it further,” the duo said in an interview with Dr. Pounds on Hitz Gallery.

They noted that “if this is implemented the least we can get is a better musician who actually understands the staff notation.

“The student can learn to play at least an instrument and there will be a big market for instrumentalist, he or she can earn a lot after high school”.
According to the duo “Music is music, highlife is our own no matter what, I think our highlife is rich, Let us therefore stick to our own and make it nice for other people to like and enjoy it”.

The ‘AK47’ crooners explained that the lyrics of their ‘Bronya’ single were inspired by a proverb and simply advices that opportunity is just preparedness and good luck.

“The ‘Bronya’ single is a proverb which can be interpreted in diverse ways; to the religious person, it’s simply telling you not to wait for a time of troubles before you pray.

“To the student, it says do not to wait till examinations before you study and to the ordinary man there is nothing like an opportune moment,” the duo explained.