Respect movie producers – Mama Ga

Respect movie producers – Mama Ga

Top notch Ghanaian movie actors and producers like Yvonne Nelson, Eddie Nartey and others, have stated emphatically that our movie industry is dying and there’s the need to find ways and means to revive it than slaying on the red carpet anytime there is an award ceremony.

Flex newspaper in an exclusive interview with Ghanaian adorable actress and television presenter, Afima AdzoKpodo also known as Mamaga1 with regards to the state of Ghanaian movie industry and commentary made by industry players that our industry is dying, thinks otherwise.

She said “There is no production going on now which is making things slow for our industry. The little produced too are not distributed well. I would not say the industry is dead or dying.

She also made it clear that people have to respect film producers. “I feel that being a producer is the most challenging job in the filmmaking process and one should respect them more.” She quickly added.

When asked what respecting of producers has got to do with the dying state of the movie industry, She responded by saying “We need to respect producers more because they invest huge amount of money and sometimes even sell their house for making films. I believe this industry doesn’t respect producers that is why production is low. Having a relationship with co-stars or directors is fine but the most important relationship in film is with the producers. If there is any loss, it is for the producers to bear. Actors and directors move on.” She added.

Mamaga 1 has starred in movies like: Pain, Steal mates, Juliana the mad, Red and currently featured in a Nollywood movie produced by Uchenna Mbunabo film, titled ‘Secret desire’ which had stars like: Walter Anga, Chinenye Uyanna, Kisa Gbekle,Priscilla Austine and many others.