Radio personality Naa Klordey Odonkor organizes free ICT forum for fans

Radio personality Naa Klordey Odonkor organizes free ICT forum for fans

Having a fan base as a personality in the public eye is the thing in vogue now and most don’t joke with their fan base as they are the power house and the wings on which their brand flies.

Characteristic of many, they give their fan base names and titles as a way of identification and to denote uniqueness.

In the same vein how these personalities affect their fan base goes a long way to have an immense impact in their lives as majority of them fall in youth age brackets.

As other personalities cause their fan base to militate and intimidate people on social media, other discerning ones are impacting in the lives of theirs positively. On of such ingenious personality is award winning radio gem, reigning Radio and TV personality of the year 2016, brand influencer for dstv on social media, philanthropist (face and brain behind “Naa Charity closet” an annual event for the needy) Naa Klordey Odonkor of ultimate fm based in kumasi.

On Thursday 17th August 2017, Mz Naa, as she is affectionately called, indulged her fan base in a mind engaging interactive open forum in the information and technology (ICT) enclosure on social media platform whatsapp.

Present in the group page to take members through the. Forum was Mr Oduro Amoateng Yaw, a very astute man who is well vexed in sphere of ICT. Mr Oduro is the Deputy General Manager, New Edge Info Tech Ghana limited, a licensee of NIIT, Accra Ghana. He does Tech-talk on Ultimate Brunch every monday where listeners are educated on cutting-edge trends in IT and ICT.

The conversation commenced with a 10 minutes audio presentation about the basics in IT and how it was taking trends and being the new force to reckon with. After the presentation, opportunity was given to members to ask their mind bugging questions in areas of ICT.

Thought provoking questions emanated from diverse areas including app developing, safety of transactions on the internet, banking and purchasing on the internet, dealing with secured websites, hacking, in-depth information about credit and debit cards to say the least.

The interactive discourse which lasted a period of 60 minutes was informative and enlightening. Members were really excited at the information made bare to them.

Mz Naa said she took up this task in order to enrich the lives of her fan base and add value to their livelihood. The open forum is scheduled for every Thursday between the hours of 4pm-5pm.

Interested persons can join the watsapp platform by sending a message to 0240805825