Putting Blaq Sam’s ‘psychosis’ on social media wouldn’t help – Choirmaster

Putting Blaq Sam’s ‘psychosis’ on social media wouldn’t help – Choirmaster

Hiplife musician, Blaq Sam, is alleged to have gone psychotic and is known to be roving the streets of Accra for quite some time now.

A video of fellow musician, Criss Waddle communicating with the ‘psychotic’ Blaq Sam was released on online last Tuesday, August 8.

However, popular Ghanaian musician and former member of the Praye trio, Eugene Baah, known in showbiz circles as Choirmaster, has condemned his fellow musician, Criss Waddle for releasing the footage online.

Blaq Sam, in 2009 released the hit single ‘Esi ne Vera’ which featured Praye.

Speaking to Hitz News @1, Choirmaster said, “I think all of us have to come in and actually support and make sure that we straighten up things. Putting him on the social media, letting the world know about his status, wouldn’t solve the issue.”

The ‘Thunder Faya’ hit maker continued that he has personally picked Blaq Sam off the streets on one particular occasion, cleaned him up and lived with him until he (Blaq Sam) left with the excuse of going to see his family but was later found on the streets again.

He stated that “Doing this, I didn’t tell anybody. I don’t think anybody knows about this and I think that’s what we need to do.

“We need to support the guy, help him with anything that he wants before when we are able to straighten him up, that’s when we can bring him up to the media and let people know what happened and his current position as well.”

Choirmaster, who is currently promoting his ‘Double Up’ single which features Mercury Quaye and The Masonfurther, called on his colleague musicians to put their hands to the wheel to help Blaq Sam.