#PoetKelsParlour : Love made me a woman

#PoetKelsParlour : Love made me a woman

Love made me a woman And I don’t belong in this world I was supposed to be killed inside the womb. Because there is nothing worse than to be a girl.

The day I was born, they looked at me with distress. Even though I was their daughter, there was nothing but stress. The faces grew old as the years passed by. I was loved by everyone, But wondered, was it only on the outside?

I felt the feeling of being loved. I felt the feeling of existence. But somewhere from the dark, there were people standing distant, Who had eyes on the prize, is that what you call a pedophile?

For God ‘sake, it was just 4 years after I was born, Are you dead inside? 8 years into existence, my mother took me to my school. It was great to make new friends. It was great being a fool. That time when you think that our biggest trouble was our homework

Loved my life and the people in it, I was feeling star struck. Adolescence was the age when I started to develop hate. It was the time of my first love, For my parents, it was a topic to debate.

The boy felt like wildfire, sweeping through my mind Every time he was around, sent shivers down my spine. But mom and dad never got it, I used to scream at them too. Never knew they were only worried, Wanted me to be safe, it was just too good to be true.

Then reality struck me, he was gone in a flash. I was left broken and my world came down to crash. So I gave up on this life. Because of this society play. Tied a rope to my neck Choked on what they had to say.

But after a perfect time, I got back up to walk a mile. This made me love my folks more and it made me smile. But what to do with this country that I live in? I was growing up. I was degraded by the people and the hate was not enough.

I went rebellious, as my character was judged. Because the length of the clothes that I am wearing Showed the spots where I can be touched.

So I walked down my own path. Learned to succeed and to cave. When every battle had its scars. That weren’t going to fade. But it all rounds up to my teenage love affair. It made me the woman I am.