My moral values have changed – Majid Michel

My moral values have changed - Majid Michel

Renowned Ghanaian actor turned Evangelist, Majid Michel has admitted he is still into acting but said his moral values have drifted and he is more focused on winning souls for Christ than his profession as an actor,

Majid Michel who has gone into full-time evangelism stated in an interview he is into Christ with full force to change society through the proclamation of the gospel.

“Am an actor and my moral values have changed a bit. I will do anything at all to promote impact positively or provoke positive devotions for the kingdom of God.

When the crime to Christ popular actor was asked to give his verdict on sex before marriage he averred that “From my perspective and belief system, sex before marriage is bad. If one should indulge in it, a lot of covenants are being established in the spirit world. And these things have strong hold on us that we sometimes experience physically”