My Mom Has Been Very Supportive When It Comes To My Daughter”- Hajia4Real

My Mom Has Been Very Supportive When It Comes To My Daughter”- Hajia4Real

I have never in a split moment regretted anything I have done in the past— I have always maintained the stance that some regrets are “un-achievable” and it is actually useless for me to rue over something that I cannot do anything about in the present.

Regrets, they have always said comes with great and remarkable lessons and Hajia4Real shares in that school of thought.

According to the mother of one, she does not regret that life she’s lived in the past, if for anything at all, it has made her strong and so much matured.

We are all abreast with the many scandals that comes to mind when the name Hajia 4Real hits our minds and for someone who has gone through all that public blunders, she has come out very strong and well.

She told Showbiz that her life is all about her and her daughter and of course her businesses; adding how her mother has been supportive.

“There is no need to feel bad for it. In life, everything you go through is a lesson. There are mistakes I may have made in the past, but I think they had to happen so that I learn from them.

“Currently, it is all about my business, the cosmetic line, 4real Beauty. That is what is important to me now. Ever since the range hit the market, the response has been overwhelming and that is my inspiration. To do more and more. My past is my past”.

Asked how she would handle a day her daughter asks her about her past, she said she doubts if her daughter would ask her in the first and she is working on being open with her daughter. She established that, she will not force her daughter to take after her.

“I am not sure she will even ask, the reason is that, I am working on being open with my daughter that she wouldn’t even want to know anything. She will know with time that not everything on the Internet is true.

“I give credit to my mom, she has been very supportive and when it comes to my daughter, she takes care of her when I am away. She is a great mother. That has been my source of strength.

“No, I won’t force my daughter to take after me. She is free to do what she wants to do. I will not ask her to be like me. She has the free will to be whoever she wants to do.”