Mentally-challenged man and woman seen displaying love

Mentally-challenged man and woman seen displaying love

Photos of mentally challenged lovers has gone viral for its oddity. The viral photo showed two mentally challenged looking individuals displaying affection.

People are happy to see the lovers together regardless of their mental state A brilliant individual said “while the sane are killing each other, the mentally challenged are loving.”

Was only a saying until two mentally challenged individuals were seen displaying affection for one another in Romeo and Juliet style.

If the recent killings in Anambra are anything to go by, there’s wisdom in the above saying.

Family of illegal miner make demands As mind-bugging as it seems, the lovers were seen on the street of Aba, Nigeria, all smiles with bare feet looking like they just won a million bucks. Clearly, love lives in the heart and not the head.

The photo which has now gone viral showed the able man carrying his lover on his back as she sucked preciously on oranges as if they were on a break from insanity.

On a light note, the photo depicts truly; body no be firewood. On a more serious note, it shows that love anywhere is valid. The photo was shared on social media by Chima and most people have the same reaction, love warms the heart even when it is from mentally challenged people.