London buses carry Becca’s ‘Unveiling’ album advert

London buses carry Becca’s ‘Unveiling’ album advert

Songstress Becca and record label, Zylofon Media are putting in much effort to promote the musician’s latest album, Unveiling.

The two after taking over the streets of Ghana with billboards of the just released album flew to Nigeria and other African countries to promulgate it.

Just when many thought that was the end, something new is up – Becca has taken over buses in London with her third studio album, Unveiling.

Videos and pictures found on many social media platforms capture adverts of the album on moving buses in U.K’s capital.

From the pictures and videos, the artist real name Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong is beautifully decorated on the red buses with details of the album release and her 10 years anniversary.