Kokrobite was all Loud

Kokrobite was all Loud

Kokrobite was the location, where fun-seeking folks gathered last Saturday under a programme dubbed: ‘“Tidal Rave Beach Party” to have an all-day-long party

The event brought together students from various tertiary institutions across the country, national service persons as well as senior high school students who had just started their end-of-term vacation to jam and groove in fulfilment of what was promised on social media to be the biggest beach party this yea

To make the journey to Kokrobite enjoyable, fun-laden and memorable, the organisers of the event, EckoHouse, a creative marketing agency, planned a bus trip for all revellers who wanted to be a part of the show.

Young people joined the designated buses at the Accra Mall and travelled all the way to Kokrobite where the grand show was staged. Others drove in a convoy to Kokrobite for the never-to-be-forgotten show.

Typical of a beach party, most of the young women were provocatively dressed in their hot pants and tops, micro skirts etc., while their male counterparts were in shorts, captivating footwear, caps and sunglasses to match their outfits.

DJ Varoski and DJ Sleek kick-started the jams with music that drew the huge number of fun-seekers to the dance floor with typical dance hall music, hiplife and hip pop rythmns which they danced their hearts out to.

As more of the patrons began arriving, the atmosphere got electrified, especially the arrival of the three accredited buses that conveyed the fun lovers to the party.

In fact, wherever one turned, hosts of the fun-seekers were taking photographs and selfies in various postures.

The party, which travelled deep into the night, had performances from Darkovibes, RJZ, Kwaku BS, all hiplife artistes and many others with the climax being performances by EL and Sarkodie.

Sponsors of the party were Vodafone and Club Shandy. Club Shandy served free drinks until 6:00pm.