Is musician Becca really bleaching?

Is musician Becca really bleaching?

Some of our Ghanaian celebrities seem to be born again white-people with a sudden change of complexion. Is it because of the current weather? well, you can judge yourself.

Musician Becca is now the bleaching topic on the mouth of Ghanaians as her current complexion seems to be super light compared to her previous photos.

The ‘African woman’ composer is not the only Ghanaian celebrity who has been rumored to have bleached.

A few years ago, Yvonne Nelson and Ama Boahemaa were also suspected to have generated a new skin.

They both came out to explain to Ghanaians, with Yvonne saying her change in complexion was due to cocoa butter and her Brazilian ancestry, Ama Boahemaa also explained to land on the use of foreign milk.

Becca avails herself to her suitors; says she is a marriage material and old enough to move from her parents house.#JoyNews

Posted by JoyNews on Wednesday, August 16, 2017