I’m not comfortable with Ebony’s ‘Sponsor’ lyrics – Feli Nuna

I’m not comfortable with Ebony’s ‘Sponsor’ lyrics - Feli Nuna

Afrobeat artiste Felicia Nuna Tawiah, known in showbiz as Feli Nuna, asserts that lyrics of dancehall act Ebony’s song ‘Sponsor” are influencing young people negatively.

The song, which has attracted a lot of critisms since its release, tells a story of a young girl who dates an older man who ‘sponsors’ all her needs because her boyfriend could not meet her needs.

Feli Nuna speaking to Joy News’ MzGee, is of the opinion that since music has the potency to influence people, the song is causing some young girls to live by its words.

“I always tell her that it’s her fan base, but I don’t believe in what she preaches. Music is powerful, you think you’re just having fun, just saying some things, but someone lives by your words. So, she knows that the sponsor song, I’m not very comfortable with it.”

The singer nevertheless believes that the song if listened to carefully apart from its obvious message, conveys some positive pieces of advice.

“But the sponsor song has a good message in there…maybe you need magnifying glasses to see deep into what she’s saying…maybe she does have a positive idea in the end, but you have to dig deep.”

Feli Nuna few days ago released her new single which she calls ‘Gelaway’; a female star-studded video which starred personalities like actress and Joy Prime presenter Selly Galley, Joy News’ MzGee, Hitz FM’s Amanda Jissih, Caroline Sampson, Bela Mundi amongst others.