I’m a jealous lover – Yvonne Okoro

I’m a jealous lover – Yvonne Okoro

Actress Yvonne Okoro has disclosed that she is very jealous when she is in love and will not want to share her man with any lady.

According to her, her level of jealousy will on any day prevent her from dating a colleague in the entertainment industry because she will feel insecure.

Yvonne who was speaking in an interview on GhOne TV said:“I am a very jealous lover when I’m in love. It’s very difficult to be in an industry to keep your things under wraps… To have a guy you can trust cos you know the women are flocking to them”.

She indicated that she will never want to date anybody in the entertainment industry because “…If you date even three or four men and hey, she’s a whore. In that respect, I will rather take it outside. Let me spoil myself outside and not in the industry so that somebody cannot sit back and say that she’s dated 1 2 3 4.. At the end of the day, if your realize it’s not like there are 1000’s of virgins walking around. Other women or ladies are dating other people but they are not slam shammed but once you do it in the same industry that you are in then you are slam sham”.

Yvonne Okoro is a Ghanaian actress who is famed for movies such as ‘Potomanto’, “Why Marry”.