I wrote all Akyeame’s lyrics, including Okyeame Kwame’s rap – Quophi Okyeame

I wrote all Akyeame’s lyrics, including Okyeame Kwame’s rap - Quophi Okyeame

Daniel Quophi Amoateng, known in showbiz as Quophi Okyeame of the hiplife duo Akyeame reveals that, he single handedly wrote all the lyrics of the five albums that the group released.

Not only did he write the lyrics of the album, he also boasts that he wrote Okyeame Kwame’s raps.

The group, which was made up of these two musicians until their split over 10 years ago, recorded albums such as ‘Nyansapo’ (Witty Knot – 1997), ‘Nkonsonkonson’ (Shackles – 1998), ‘Ntoaso’ (Continuity – 2000) and ‘Apam Foforo’ (New Testament – 2002).

Speaking to KMJ on DayBreak Hitz on Hitz FM, the musician who has recently ventured into music he calls ‘The New Age Gospel’, asserts that he came up with all the lyrics on these albums as well as all the raps his partner, Okyeame Kwame performed on the songs.

“Originally, ‘Masan Aba’ was supposed to be a remix of ‘Serwaa Akoto’. When I started writing, and I say I because, yes, I did. Not just this one. The five Akyeame albums; I did the writing, including Kwame’s (Okyeame Kwame) lyrics. That is the truth; I am not saying that to the detriment of my brother,” he revealed.

According to the musician cum radio presenter and music producer, he wanted to clear the doubts of many who constantly asked the question of who truly ‘owned’ the lyrics the hiplife duo came up with.

“I guess the question has been asked a million times, and people have doubted it because I have not come out to say anything to anybody. Today I am saying it.”

Quophi Okyeame is currently promoting his new single, ‘You are God’ as part of his ‘New Age Gospel’ genre.