I was a bad boy – Oheneba Kissi

I was a bad boy - Oheneba Kissi

Ghanaian high-life legend musician, popularly known in showbiz as Oheneba Kissi has let the cat out of the bag of how bad he was during his hey days as a young and aggressive musician.

According to him, even though he was a bad boy in his early childhood, he was able to go to school and became an accountant before he joined the music bandwagon.

But the high-life legend has disclosed that music pirating has been at the disadvantage of musicians rendering most of them bankrupt.

He explained that, he used to record his songs in Germany but due to pirating, he cannot afford to record his songs in Germany any longer.

Music piracy is the copying and distributing of copies of a piece of music for which the composer, recording artist, ore copy right holding record company did not give consent which reduce the income he or she could make from publishing.

The “ABC of Love” hit maker lamented, Ghanaians have not heard from him since his last track in 2013 because he is not having money to go the studio to record song, he told Bryt fm’s Jah Solo on Entertainment Arena on Saturday.

“People should not think that am weak in music, I have “demos” but I don’t have money to record them it the studio” he cried.

He started singing in 1990 and came out with the Zuzi album.

Brief biography Of Oheneba Kissi Below:

Ever since he caused a stir on the music scene with his album Suzie in 1990, Oheneba Kissi has consistently released a new album almost every other year without relenting, to the admiration of his teeming fans.

A year after the release of Suzie he followed it with Ebeye Yie, the next year and Anibre the following year.

After a two-year break, he came out with Odo License in 1994 and Asem Ne Me a in 1995. Bese Mono followed in 1997, Today and Yesteryears in 1998 and Medo Hemaa in 1999.

Oheneba Kissi followed up in 2001 with Ka Biribi Kyere Me and two other explosives ABC of Love and Fre No Ma Me in 2002 and 2003 respectively bringing his total output in 12 years to 12 exciting and award-winning albums to say nothing about his latest album, Abanaba released in 2005 which is currently making waves all over Ghana.Abaanaba, like many of his earlier releases, is award-winning with dance-able music such as Medo Mu Kaakyire, Mensa Aka Bi, Nyame Ama, Baabia Ye Baabia, Medo Wo Nkoa, Nya Gyidi and three other instrumentals for quite time listening.

It will be recalled that when Ohenenba Kissi released his ninth album, Ka Biribi Kyere Me in 2001, the album proved to be one of the most consistent climbers on the local music chart and climbed from number 19 in September of that year and made it to the top of the chart in November and remained at that position for a long time.

The hallmark of all Oheneba Kissi’s music is that his songs are boosted by good instrumentation, good voices and commendable messages. His latest release, Abanaba is no exception