‘I Stopped Acting Due To Insults’

‘I Stopped Acting Due To Insults’

‘Hot Fork’ actress Baby Blanche has said she didn’t quit acting; she only took a break from the industry to do self-assessment.

This, according to her, was because she was fed up with constant insults and attacks on her person by movie followers who were not contented with her sex roles in the movies back then.

She told Amanda Jissih on Ghone’s E-Talk Show on Thursday that she was making a comeback, adding that she is now ready and well-prepared to face the wrath of the fans and the movie industry.

“I assessed myself and I felt the need to comeback. If they still choose to lambast me I am still going to do my job. I am not leaving again because of them,” Baby Blanche indicated.

She also said she would still act sex roles, but was quick to add that she would not go completely naked for any role when she was asked.

Baby Blanche was discovered by Socrates Safo of Movie Africa Productions about a decade ago, and has since appeared in number of Ghanaian movies like ‘Hot Fork’, ‘Adults Only’, ‘What Sex Can Do’, among others, mostly produced by Socrates Safo.

She went off the scenes about the same time Socrates announced that he was no longer considering producing movies.

The same time, a lot of other actors who used to feature in Socrates movies seemed to have gone ‘extinct’. But Baby Blanche has managed a comeback and has even produced her own upcoming movie titled ‘Trophy’.

“I don’t regret choosing this career. I have no regrets but if I should find myself turning back the hands of time I will be more picky. It is a lesson,” she stated.

The actress, however, refused to clarify whether she would be picky with the kind of producers she would work with or the kind of scripts she would shoot.