I have no interest in politics – Adjetey Anang

I have no interest in politics – Adjetey Anang

Actor Adjetey Anang says, unlike some Ghanaian entertainment personalities, he has no intentions of venturing into politics.

Speaking in an interview with MzGee on Hitz FM the actor, whom many believe can be a good politician, stated that he has no intentions of entering into politics.

With some Ghanaian entertainment personalities, including John Dumelo, showing interest in politics, Adjetey Anang stated: “I can toe the line of [leadership] in another way but not in the corridors of politics”.

“I think we are still growing as a people and our democracy is still being deepened. I think people are sensitive to issues concerning democracy.

“You come out and speak for a political party which is your right and people turn to attack and blackmails you. I think we all have our interest and mine does not lie in politics.”

Nevertheless, the actor, who is popularly known as ‘Pusher’, for his role in television series ‘Things We Do For Love’ stated that if the people in his constituency show belief in him to pick up a political role as a leader in his constituency, he will consider the numbers and then think about it.

“I will look at the number of people calling for me to pick up a political role, think about it and then I will make a decision,” he said.