I can change the face of the movie industry – Mr Ibu

I can change the face of the movie industry - Mr Ibu

Mr. Ibu born John Okafor has said he has the capacity to make the movie industry in his home country of Nigeria a cash cow if government lends him the needed support.

He disclosed that his life experiences from a poor background to his present state are enough motivation to actors in the industry he is up to the task and will work towards its improvement.

According to him, Nollywood is too important not to be taken serious reinforcing the point that the industry really needs proper structures to reach higher heights.

“ ‘I come from a humble background and I struggled a lot while growing up. My parents weren’t well-to-do so I had to hustle to get whatever I wanted by myself.

‘We were basically living from hand to mouth and our situation was quite pathetic.

‘However, despite our lack, I still considered education as a priority and I always had it at the back of my mind that I would keep learning. I attended the Institute of Management and Technology for my tertiary education though I was a part-time student.

‘Due to lack of funds, there were times I had to stop schooling, but I always continued after some time. What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I’m a deep thinker and I like to meditate on issues.

‘For example, I have a lot of plans for Nollywood and I hope the government can pay more attention to this sector.

‘Nollywood has helped to propagate Nigeria’s culture across the world, and even in far flung countries where you wouldn’t expect, they have seen Nollywood movies there.

‘That should tell you that Nollywood is too important not to be taken serious. The industry really needs proper structures. It is not about running to the government and begging for money