Gospel singer Nayaah to release new single

Gospel singer Nayaah to release new single

Prosperity Gospel Award winner Nayaah is back to steal the ears, hearts of her fans.

Catching the attention of most of her hearers from the tender age of ten, Nayaah is set to lifts spirits from earth to suspend listeners into the realm of glory during worship.

She is yet to release her latest single on September 8, 2017 titled, “You are the Pillar”.

In Nayaah’s life, she has proved more purpose and continuity despite the many challenges she has faced. The blessings just keep on flowing.

Dominating Ghana, Africa, and taking Nigera by Storm, it is no suprise Nayaah brought a whirl wind of success from the east as she began to minister in the U.K. “These songs are addictive”, one fan states.

“Healing, Power and Glory” are routed between each review from others who have sat in the Presence of the Lord.

What better way is there to say something but by releasing her brand new Single? This follows the ground breaking “Odomankoma”, “You’re Great” and “God is not a man”.

Single Release September 8th NAYAAHMINIST RY.COM of Europe is a courageous step, that will surely cause her to carry the mantle of her influence.