Gospel artistes should seek God’s face for new songs – Sampson Asare

Gospel artistes should seek God's face for new songs - Sampson Asare

According Sampson Asare, a U.S based gospel artiste, God is the master of creation. Unfortunately, some gospel artistes nowadays do not seek God’s face when it comes to new songs.

“We only recycle old music from highlife to reggae, from worship to praises, etc.” Sampson said. Others are waiting for the next theme song of the Church of Pentecost and should the church not produce popular theme songs, such artistes are in trouble next year.

Sampson advised that if an artiste is gifted with the voice but cannot write songs, such an artiste should consult someone with the gift of writing songs, even if it means paying the writer.

Or they can form live bands and perform songs that other artistes have sung. In case they want to use someone’s work, the owners of such songs or their families should be consulted first.

Watch Sampson Asare’s new songs below: