Ghanaians are hypocrites – Moesha

Ghanaians are hypocrites – Moesha

One person who has always been the talk of town for her fashion sense and love for racy pictures is Moesha Boudong.

The Socialite became popular on Instagram after years of sharing semi-nude pictures on her page and appeared for events in weird looking dresses.

Well, Moesha has said Ghanaians are hypocrites in their judgement of her as a person and her choices when it comes to fashion.

In a post on Instagram, she indicated that “I will show skin so far as I am not butt naked. Its just like wearing a suit and standing by the pool, makes no sense. Funny how when a bigger girl does the same shoot people say ” I see confidence” and praise them, but when a curvy girl with a nice figure does the same shoot she is slut-shamed”.

Moesha described Ghanaians as hypocrites indicating that she has never been a bad girl in her life.