Ghanaian movie industry lacks good scriptwriters – DJ Perfekt

Ghanaian movie industry lacks good scriptwriters – DJ Perfekt

Popular Disc jockey, DJ Perfekt, of Kasapa FM and Agoo TV, has called on movie producers to invest more in movies which have quality scripts.

Born Henry Ofori Nyarko, DJ Perfekt who’s the producer of ‘Yensempa’ show on Agoo TV, told the Daily Heritage why TV stations prefer telecasting foreign movies to our local movies in the words, “globally, there is an influx of western things and therefore management of TV stations need to satisfy their viewers with interesting and educative movies.”

“Ghanaians need variety of film genres; our scriptwriters lack the ability to research and make their script rich and educative to attract a good producer at a higher fee.

“The reason why some TV stations like GHone TV’s ‘Revenge’, a Bollywood series, is that it is very intriguing, full of suspense and keeps viewers glued to their seats whereas our [Ghanaian] movies have monotonous storylines yet with different titles,” he said.

He commended award-winning Ghanaian film director and writer, Shirley Frimpong-Manso and American-Ghanaian filmmaker, Leila Afua Djansi, for exhibiting professionalism in their works.

He therefore urged other producers to take their time and learn the techniques from other countries to be able to keep our movie industry flourishing.


DJ Perfekt’s comments come in the wake of a publication on, in which actress Roselyn Ngissah called on management of television stations in Ghana to start producing their own local series.

According to the ‘Amakye and Dede’ actress, this would help sustain the country’s struggling movie industry since its current state is having an effect on actors.

Speaking at a press screening of an upcoming movie, ‘Adam the Eve’ and ‘4Play’ actress said, “TV stations, instead of using their money to buy whatever foreign content, could produce their own series and movies. It will even be competitive and it will give us a lot of jobs as artists.”