Foolish born again Christians should start thinking – A Plus

Foolish born again Christians should start thinking – A Plus

Kwame A Plus’ problems with the church are not yet over as the musician and NPP sympathizer has taken on ‘born again’ Christians on for failing to think and constantly been fooled by men of God.

In the latest attack on the church, Kwame A Plus has asked born again Christians who constantly sow seeds for the growth of the church in order to become billionaires to have a rethink of their decision.

His attack comes minutes after the license of Capital Bank, a bank reported to be owned by the Head Pastor of the International Central Gospel church, Mensah Otabil has been revoked for capital impairment.

Kwame A Plus commenting on the issue questioned born again Christians on the fact that if the pastor had some powers to make them billionaires why did he fail to improve the finances of his bank.

He said “Not long ago a pastor asked his congregation to sow seeds into an account in a certain bank to make them millionaires. Today that bank’s Licence has been revoked and taken over by GCB due to what the central Bank describes as severe impairment of their capital. What I’m gathering is that the millionaire making pastor has a huge stake in this “ZERONAIR BANK” Those who still want to defend the pastor say he is only the board chairman.

So even if he’s only the board chairman can’t he pray for the bank to make money? Or the angels are now doing susu for him? B?i!!!! Ayoooh!!! “You foolish born again Christians.” Think oooooo think. If he can pray for you to become a millionaire why can’t he pray into their “impairing capital.?”

The issue of seed sowing in churches has become an issue of public discourse over the years with some section of the public worried about the rate at which Pastors and Men of God keep taking monies from poor Christians to enrich themselves while the Christians still remain where they are in life.