Feature: When celebrities swerve interviews

Feature: When celebrities swerve interviews

An interview we all know is a meeting at which information is obtained (as by a reporter, television, commentator or pollster) from a person. This same platform gives the opportunity to our celebrities who are known by people for what they do to interact with their fans and well-wishers.

Musicians, actors, actresses, footballers, boxers amongst others who appear as celebrities in the country and beyond, given the opportunity should be able to have an interaction with fans with their fans and their admirers. This undoubtedly creates a unique relationship with the celebrity and the fan.

Fans of celebrities become so expectant when it is announced on social media and on that particular platform or network that their celebrity or star would be on a particular platform be it radio or television for an interview. How does it feel like when the said celebrity decides not to honour the invitation at the eleventh hour?

Interestingly, some celebrities agree to be interviewed by that media house, only to realize that they are not ready for the interview just a few minutes to the show without any tangible reason leaving the presenter and his production crew perplexed and the media tactics to employ next to cover up for the show. In this case, the fans of the celebrity would also without any skepticism feel extremely disappointed and that to an extent could affect the image of the show.

Do these celebrities know the negative impacts of their actions when they bow out of interviews at the eleventh hour? Or it is not really a matter that should generate concerns. Maybe these same celebrities would in the end, reprehend the media of its deliberate attempt not to support them especially in the country Ghana which is normally the practice.

Obviously, these celebrities have a lot of work to do by establishing a solid relationship with their fans and the media houses as well.