Criss Waddle to rescue ‘psychotic’ Blaq Sam

Criss Waddle to rescue 'psychotic' Blaq Sam

Ghanaian musician Criss Waddle has jumped to the rescue of his ‘brother’ in the arts industry Blaq Sam known for his hit single ‘Esi Ne Vera’ who is now mentally challenged.

Criss Waddle has promised to take the Tema based rapper (Blaq Sam) to the Psychiatric hospital because he believes Blaq Sam’s madness is not “drug related”.

It was reported in 2015, that “issues from his house, peer pressure, and drugs”, allegedly caused his ‘madness’.

Blaq Sam is known for 2009 hit song “Esi Ne Vera” which featured collapsed hiplife group Praye.

Watch this sad Video of Criss Waddle Talking to Blaq Sam: