Bradez Is Coming Back -Kunta Kinte

Bradez Is Coming Back -Kunta Kinte

Kwame Nsia  Amankwah  known as kunta  kinte  the other half of Bradez  hiplife sensation music  group is finally breaking silence on separating himself from the bradez group.

The hiplife guru Kunta said in an exclusive interview with  that  he has no plans of leaving bradez  group because since 200, he and his brother flowking stone have been through a lot up till now so there is no way they can be separated.

He was then asked why he featured Ashes, kofi  Kinaata  after he recovered and he explained that

‘I wanted people to understand me when they talked ill about me’ he even used R2bees as  an example saying they sometimes sing separately but they are not separated so same applies to bradez although they are all doing music separately  but they have no intentions of separating.

He concluded by saying ‘I live with my brother Flowking stone, so why should I think of separation’ and added bradez is still there for life and people will hear from them soon, because they have so many tracks underground  soon to come out so people should watch out for bradez .

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By :  Akua Mouth Mouth