5 sad manager-artiste breakups in Ghanaian music industry

5 sad manager-artiste breakups in Ghanaian music industry

Today, Rufftown Records under the management of Bullet of Ruff and Smooth released press statement rubbishing the claims in the media that Ebony their star artist is having a tough time with the management and may likely leave the record.

This press release got me thinking about manager-artiste breakups that have rocked the Ghanaian music industry for some time now and how it has affected not just the artist but the management as well.

Ghpage.com will take you through 5 very nasty manager-artiste breakups that were the talk of time in recent time and how things turned out for the individuals involved.

Asem and Richie

Asem and Richie of Lynx Entertainment served their fans with hit songs such as “Give Me Blow”, “Pigaro”, “No More Kpayor” and “2010 Fylla’. They were going places together when out of the blue, the broke up.

As to what caused it is still debatable till today. The management of the artist of attributed it to proudness on the part of the artist. They claim he started acting bigger than the label. making unilateral decisions that affected them all. Albert the manager of Lynx Entertainment as that time said:

“The whole matter is that we disagreed on so many things. And the best thing; was to make him go. We didn’t want to force him to do things which were against his will. Too many disagreements within us,” he said.

But Asem claims he was backstabbed by Lynx. According to him, he had a contract that was to end in November 2010 which he made them aware he wouldn’t be renewing again. But 8 months to the end the contract, they cut him off. Explaining further, Asem said:

“So I set up a team to manage my brand (Asem) separately though i still stayed with lynx as my record label; a suggestion lynx was cool with. I guess the new development came up due to some decisions my new management started taking on my behalf, which didn’t go down well with lynx,” he explained.

Neither the artist nor the management has ever recovered from the breakup till date.

Becca and Kiki Benson

The ‘U Lied To Me’, ‘Daa Ke Da’, and ‘African Woman’ hitmaker, Rebecca Acheampong popularly known as Becca parted ways with her first manager Kiki Benson of EKB Records after over 10 years of working together.

Although there were speculations as to why they went their ways, both artist and manager insisted the parted amicably.

“There is no issue it’s just that we don’t have a management relationship anymore. That is all”, kiki told the media

“A lot of Ghanaians are used to Becca and Kiki combination but we are not working anymore.” At a certain point, you have to move on to do other things. We are all grown-ups and our contract was over and we decided to move on amicably,” Becca said on Happy FM’s showbiz extra”,

Eazzy and Richie

Eazzy announced her presence in the Ghanaian music industry in July 2009. She recorded hit songs like Wengeze, One gal among others under Richie’s Lynx Entertainment record label.

In 2012, the record label issued a press statement that it was no longer managing Eazzy. They claimed that the two had agreed that she be managed by Kofi Otchere Darko (KOD).

But Eazzy explained that she had no such arrangement with Lynx Entertainment. Although KOD was to be in her new management team, it had nothing to do with Lynx.

“I am surprised about the statement from lynx because the contents are not true. They have never agreed with me that Kod should be my manager. My contract with lynx expired on April 8 this year and I did not want to renew it. I left lynx and there was no arrangement with them that I would be handled by KOD”, Eazzy explained.

Eazzy is yet to conquer Ghana Music industry as many expected her to do when she was under Lynx. She is yet to make her mark.

Shatta Wale and Bulldog

The Shatta Wale-Bulldong breakup was so unexpected that, it shocked almost every music lover. It was simply unexpected. They looked too good together.

Speaking in discreet to Ghpage.com, a source close to the team said:

But we woke up to see a press Statement from Lawrence Nana Asiama Hanson popularly known as Bulldog the boss of Bullhaus Entertainment that stated the management has broken ties with Dancehall King Shatta Wale. Bulldog never cited the cause of the break up until recently.

But in a quick rebuttal typical of Shatta Wale, He explained how irresponsible Bulldog was when he was managing him and how he planned to sack him

“I wrote a letter that i was going to put him out for people to know this is what i want to do. He (bulldog) doesn’t work like a manager… but he went and wrote that he has stopped working with us. So they know i was going to give them the letter,” Shata Wale revealed.

Kwabena Kwabena And Management (Kelvin, Ashes and Nelson)

Kwabena Kwabena’s issue with his management is bizarre one which is still hard to believe. Well, it involves “juju” being used by one of the management members to control Kwabena Kwabena.

It appears one of the members of his management has gone through some rituals for Kwabena Kwabena to favor him and listen to him more than the other members of his management.

“The ‘juju’ worked on kwabena kwabena for some time but it didn’t last. “at some point, kwabena kwabena was not listening to anybody and nobody’s opinion mattered to him apart from that person but now it all over”.

“one of kwabena’s spiritual fathers who is a pastor had a revelation that some evil things had been buried at kwabena kwabena’s private residence. Kwabena followed directions from the man of god and low and behold he found a black pot containing several scary items buried on his compound.”

These are few of manager-Artiste breakups in recent times. Are there some we missed? tell us in the comment section and they will gladly be added to the list.