SHOCKING : Mysterious crowdfundraisers appear in wake of captain Mahama’s murder

Mysterious crowdfundraisers appear in wake of captain Mahama’s murder

A number of GoFundMe campaigns have been created by unknown persons attempting to solicit for funds in the name of the bereaved family of Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama.
Out of the four campaigns monitored by Graphic Online, two have managed to raise about 5,960 dollars as of 4pm on Friday with the others receiving no donations.
GoFundMe is an online fundraising platform that helps people to raise money for charity or other causes with wide-ranging interests.
The campaigns were created by following people; Modesta Adewuje Alobawone, Beatrice Mahama, Andra CollingWoode-Williams and Proff- Kumordzie Double Double
It is unclear whether organisers of these campaigns have any connections to the family or intend to donate the proceeds to the family.

However, One profile created by Modesta Adewuje Alobawone, a woman based in New Jersey claims to be a family friend and has received approval from the family of Captain Mahama to run the campaign.
But some donors have reacted angrily and accused her of attempting to cash in on the sympathy of Ghanaians.

One user on the GoFundMe page with the name Thellixy Einstein De Cypher wrote “Even though no amount can bring you back but we pray for strength and courage that Mrs. Mahama you may move on and take good care of the kids..We also pray that Mr. Mahama may rest in peace as those culprits will be brought to book”

Another person by name Emmanuel Adu-tutu attacked the credibility of the campaign stating that “believe this account is fake. People should be careful. The name alone tells you is 499 lady taking pictures from the internet and using it for her own gain. Look at the account details. The account is Fidelity Bank Ltd Endowment Fund. The person should use the family account so that the money goes direct to the family. How can someone in the US open an account with Fidelity for a family in Ghana.”

PookieSho, another user did not take it lightly with the fundraisers. “I hope to God this is genuine else the spirit of Captain Mahama will hunt you. … This is not the time to use someone’s pain for your gain! You don’t know what you’re about to unleash!”
Captain Mahama was lynched by residents of Diaso near Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region after they claimed he was an armed robber.
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