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Companies in Ghana are so stingy – Yvonne Nelson

Companies in Ghana are so stingy – Yvonne Nelson

Movie producer and actress, Yvonne Nelson is unhappy about the reverence given to Ghana’s movie industry as she has taken to her twitter handle to express utmost displeasure.

In series of tweets, Yvonne Nelson jabbed owners and managers of companies in Ghana for making it a habit to only ask celebrities out for lunch instead of releasing funds to support the industry.

She could not fathom why Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of companies are annoyingly “stingy” as she was of the conviction that their refusal to offer support is killing talents.

The actress further took a swipe at her colleagues for enjoying fame than being business-minded and called on Becca’s former manager, Kiki Banson to intervene by organizing a conference to educate people in the arts on the need to focus on the business aspect than seeking for attention.

“80% of entertainers in Gh just love the attention. Zero business drive. Entertainers in Nigeria organize conferences, we are here fighting ourselves on award shows and fighting for positions. Many are in it not for the money….., I know entertainers who would rather look nice and broke. Geeez! Killing.” her tweets read.

“Entertainers in Nigeria, mean business. Edey bore me too much! Aah!!! Talents going to waste everyday! Companies in GH are so STINGY. geeez! Their ceos would rather ask you out for lunch”

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