A look at the last minute recruitment in the Ghana Police Service

In the heat of ban/embargo in the public sector from August 20,2013 till date, unemployment rate in Ghana tripled. And it came to a point that,the Ghana Police Service were allowed to recruit people in 2016.I know many people who have graduated with Bachelors degree but decided to use their WASSCE/SSSCE to apply for the service because of the various hardships they are going through. Most of these people were not even selected for the first phase of the recruitment process . I have read a story as reported by StarrFM that 3,000 people who are under training at the various police training schools have been sacked because most of them do not have certificates and others do not meet the requirements to join the service. This is what happens when politicians refuse to think about the interest of all citizens regardless of their political affiliation. How can we move forward?

The police service is mandated to enforce law and order but in Ghana it’s very sad to see policemen in broad day light extorting money from drivers. Instead of them to use the law to prosecute the drivers when they go contrary , some police officers use the offence as as an opportunity to take quantum sums of money from these drivers.

Bribery and Corruption is very high in our law enforcement agency. The incidence of police men caught in armed robbery in recent times is an eye sore.Many people have lost trust in the police service because of the unscrupulous act which are done by some of these officers.

Last weekend I escorted a friend to the bank to withdraw money. I was waiting for him outside. When you stepped outside this police man started shouting, “Bossu na womma me kakra” to wit boss won’t you give me something???

I was very shocked because a police officer providing security service to a bank should rather focus on the activities of people rather than waiting for tip offs. It is highly unprofessional and unethical. Some critical measures should be taken as soon as possible. Some police men have forgotten their code of ethics.
Most of these happenings are as a result of politics which has taken over all the sectors in the government sector. Recruitment in no longer done on merits but on who serves their political parties.

The right, passionate and qualified people who have refused to pay bribes are always at a disadvantage. In the United States, to be a police officer entails a lot. Rigorous examination in psychology, adequate background check and other strict entry requirements to the US police makes it difficult for unqualified people to join the service remarked Mr. Russell Green, a friend who is a former police officer in Atlanta,Texas.

These uneducated and unqualified people were not selected on merit but on party affiliation and payment of bribe. No wonder most of them find it difficult to even write report or speak proper English. No wonder innocent people have been killed in previous years by some unprofessional officers. This is a wake up call to the current government. Now they have a lot to learn from. They should use this as a case study when appointing people in critical areas. They should put competence first.

Moreover, the ministers and other sector heads should start vetting certificates of all employees who were recruited in from 2013 till present times because it’s obvious that most of the appointments were not merit based. It’s a big shame to Ghana.

By Kenneth Gyamerah