Sarkodie Is My Small Boy When It Comes To Rap Music In Ghana’ – Flow King Stone

Flowking Stone is at it again after saying, when it comes to rap music in Ghana, Sarkodie is his Small boy meaning he is the big boss and that, they should compare him to Eminem or Jay Z not Sarkodie.

“I see Sarkodie as a brother; when he was coming up, we already had One Gallon and we also had other tracks as well. I remember the comparison started when people heard him on You Dey Craze, which was when Asem and I dropped Give Me Blow. Twist in Ghana started around that era, so he’s my friend and my Small boy when it comes to rap music in Ghana “

“If there’s a comparison between Sarkodie and I, it should be me and Eminem or Jay Z  in the whole world because as a rapper I will give you all the factors of rap or all the various components of rap in the same verse although Sarkodie is a very good rapper, but I’m ready for a rap battle with him.”

Can Flowkingstone ever be at Sarkodie’slevel?

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