Nkansah Lil Win For 2017 VGMA?

At time it’s difficult to differentiate between the comedy part of Kwadwo Nkansah’s Lilwin career and when he’s been serious using his musical talent. But this past year has been one that Nkansah made a real mark with his musical ability mixed with his comedy he can’t go without.

He made a very great song produced by Slo Dezzy of 925 music with his nationwide self-made sentence “I Don’t Think Far”. It was as hip-hop as any other hip-hop song. He added a whole lot and ended the year with “Mama boss Papa” which is now the jam of town. He always accompanies his songs with a video and has his own record label — Boss Nation. This is a signal that he has taken his musical side of his act very seriously and as such should be given the attention and consideration that’s given to any other artiste.


But it seems he’s usually considered a comedian and his musical works is also relegated to the same. So with the VGMA coming up, we are asking if you think both talents should be treated differently and each be merited the attention and recognition it deserves?

Your views are welcome.

Source : www.Ghanasongs.com