Kemi Olunloyo is a Serial Criminal, Drug Trafficker and a Lunatic – Nollywood Actress Angela Okorie Fires

Angela Okorie and Kemi Olunloyo

Nigerian actress, Angela Okorie has continued her online attack against controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo.

Okorie has revealed shocking details about Olunloyo many people didn’t know about. Olunloyo who many is said to be lonely and acts irrational most times had attacked Okorie calling her a prostitute, saying that Okorie slept with former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh for money.

Okorie who denied the allegation and called Olunloyo a lunatic, challenged her to show the whole world evidence of the transaction.

“Kemi omololu olunloyo I am aware am dealing with a criminal, and i also know you were jailed for drug trafficking in Tiny caribbean island nation of jamaica and attempted murder in canada where you shot one of your boyfriends years back in Toronto canada 2007.
“You have four children from four different Men, and to think that your own father former Oyo governor Disowned you due to your attitude and shame you brought to your family, I have been waiting patiently for you to release proof of your allegation towards me. But, rather you kept on ranting like a lunatic that you are. Please, fellow Nigerians could you kindly tell this criminal Kemi Omololu Olunloyo to openly present to my fans, Nigerians the money transaction as she claimed and may I remind you that there is a law passed in nigeria against false information about people.
“I see this is the only launguage you understand, the fact that you have resided for nearly three decades and was denied permanent residence Status because of your serial criminal acts. Does not give you the right to pass wrong information about Me. KEMI OMOLOLU OLUNLOYO I DARE YOU TO OPENLY PRESENT PROOF OF YOUR ALLEGATION, WE NIGERIANS ARE PATIENTLY WAITING. THANK YOU.” Okorie fired.