Kemi Olunloyo blasts Anita Joseph over advice to single ladies

Yet another #Nollywood W H O R E giving advice… Actress @AnitaJoseph8 wants ladies to open their pussy for multiple affairs at the very same time. Last year @tokemakinwa wanted ladies to have a one night stand and kiss a stranger. I scolded my online daughter but at least she was talking “one man.” This Anita person is promoting multiple men and I ain’t having it. Y’all know I already hate polygamy but on the multiple male side? This weekend u met my #babbydaddy of two of my three adult sons. I had 3 sons with one child by an abuser I ended up pumping his head with lead. (Google Kemi Olunloyo shot fiance). Now after that I moved on, had two more and stayed single. Being a #babymama is a badge of honor to me but may not be for the average illiterate who asks me HOW I had a child out of wedlock. Having a kid has nothing to do with marriage! U have no control over it. I wanted more kids but did not wanna get married so I shacked. Cut a long story short, If you can, ladies keep your eggs, uterus and fallopian tubes IN ONE BASKET and forget this #Nollywood prostitute’s advice. Bleep YOU ANITA! #hnnstupid
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