Drama as Two Best Friends Fight in Public After Discovering They Were Sleeping with the Same Man

*Photo used for illustrative purpose*

Two women who are said to be best friends have fought bitterly after discovering that they were dating the same man. Yeukai Antonio is involved in constant fights with her friend Lisa Musanhiwa for allegedly snatching her husband, H-metro reports.

Speaking on the incident, Antonio says Musanhiwa visits her house to cause violence and at some point she approached her while she was carrying her baby on her back and provoked her to fight.

“Musanhiwa comes to my house to cause violence and in December last year, she came to my house and damaged my dishes. On December 25 last year, she came to my house again and pushed me when I wanted to go out and I did not retaliate. At one point she approached me and provoked me while I was carrying my baby on my back and I gave the baby to someone else and we started fighting,” she said.

Antonio also stated that Musanhiwa used to be her friend, but their friendship became sour when Musanhiwa started dating my husband.

“We used to be friends and church-mates and sometimes she would come to my house to teach me verses, but the friendship turned sour when I found out that she was having an affair with my husband. Antonio opened at the civil court where she was seeking for a peace order against Musanhiwa. Musanhiwa, however, denied the accusations.

“I am not having an affair with her husband, but her husband is my former boyfriend as we dated long back before he got married to Antonio. We fell in love in 2011 and we broke up in 2012 and in 2014, Antonio got married to the man in question. The problem with Antonio is that she is listening to rumours that are being spread by people that I am having an affair with her husband,” she said.

Musanhiwa further told the court that Antonio insults her whenever they meet, calling her a prostitute.

“She insults me whenever we meet and on December 26 last year, she approached me to the company of her friends and started insulting me calling me a prostitute who wants to infect her husband with some disease. We used to be friends and I would visit and teach her songs from our church but eventually it changed when she started listening to grapevine,” she said.

Presiding magistrate Yeukai Dzuda granted the application for peace order in Antonio’s favour and Musanhiwa was ordered to observe peace with her all the time.